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The "V" in BPV is VIDEO!

I shoot fashion/glamour short videos as well as write/direct/produce and edit short movies.  Below are a few of the videos I've shot.  For my full video portfolio please visit:  

Fashion Shoot with Allison

Here's a Fashion shoot I did a while back with Allison.  

Behind the scenes - Fashion Shoot

How is it all done?   Here's a look!

Wendy at the park

Here's actress and model Wendy at the park

Liquid Latex!

Here's some fun with Liquid Latex

Callie in Richmond

Just some cool Fashion/Commercial work in Richmond Va.

Simona Stoianova - FITNESS

Simona Stoianova is a fitness competitor and Personal Trainer.  


Yeah - just check it out!

La Tentatrice

A recreation of some early French Glamour with model "NG"

Jessica Rabbit?

Okay so I'm not the only one who thought she was just drop dead sexy!

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