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This is my Still Photography Portfolio

I shoot MANY genre's of "Model Type" photography as well as Weddings, Special Events, and Senior Portraits.  I've grouped them into various genre's below.  Click the middle of any of the icons below to view the slide show! 


Fashion is different things to different people.  I like to create this genre. It is not easy to get just right and takes a team to make things really work.  Most of these images consisted of a makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, model and myself. 

Commercial and Editorial

While this genre of photography is different than traditional fashion, it's still a lot of fun to shoot.


Glamour is an 'industry' term but I envision this genre as being sensual as well as fun.  


This genre of photography is often difficult to get.  Fortunately I have over 15 years shooting this and it is one of my strongpoints.

Weddings and Maternity

On occasion I will shoot weddings.  If that's what you're interested in my rates are very affordable and I will deliver the same, if not better, results than those who do this full time.  


I also shoot Maternity as well as Engagement images as well.


Who doesn't love a good PINUP image?!


I like to shoot both 'modern' pinup images and also re-create historical images and also shoot in the style of George Hurrell - the famous Hollywood Glamour Photographer from the 1930's to the 1960's.


Here's a section dedicated to those who dedicate them to perfection in the human form.  Most in this area of my portfolio are current or former Fitness Competitors.

Body Paint, Polaroids and Wet-Plate

Yes - I do bodypaint!  The paint I use is body-safe latex and is done in two general types.  Splash Paint and Specific Designs, click on the slide show to see them.


I have a polaroid camera and shoot with it on occasion.


I also like to re-create the colodian wet-plate process.  In case you're wondering that's what images looked like 150 years ago.

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